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What Are the Best Universal Remotes for Apple TV in 2022?

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In this post, I address the burning question, what are the best universal remotes for Apple TV in 2021? We’ll look at two replacement remote options and six great alternative universal remote options.

Just want to know the best universal remote for Apple TV? It’s the Logitech Harmony Elite. The Harmony Elite can pair Apple TV with both entertainment and smart devices for a fully integrated user experience. For example, a “Watch Apple TV” routine can launch Apple TV, turn on your soundbar, and even dim smart lights and lower smart blinds.

It not cheap, however. You can check the latest price at Amazon here. [Or read on for a variety of budget options.]

Apple TV Remote Comparison Table

Well friends, don’t despair.  I am here to a.) link you up with two Apple TV replacement remotes you can get for cheap on Amazon and b.)  give you six great universal remote alternatives. Several of the options can do some really cool things in addition to controlling your Apple TV.

OK, enough introductory chatter. Here is a quick comparison table summarizing the 7 best Apple TV 4K remote replacements on the market today.

You can click on any product name in the table to jump down to my min-review for that product.

RankProductImageBest ForMy Score
1Logitech Harmony EliteEverythingA+
2Sevenhugs Smart RemoteEase of UseA
3Caavo Control CenterAvid StreamersB+
4Harmony CompanionBudget EliteB+
5Harmony HubSmartphones and TabletsA
6Harmony ExpressAlexa Voice ControlA
7Apple TV Siri RemoteApple TV 4K ReplacementC+
8 Applet TV RemoteApple TV Previous GenerationsC

ATV Remote Replacements

You essentially have two options and the options you choose should depend on whether you have a 4K or older Apple TV.

Best Apple TV 4k Replacement: Apple TV Siri Remotebest remote for apple tv

My Rating (out of 100)

OK, ok, you’re not sold on the universal remote as a better idea to replacing that lame Apple Siri one that basically only does one thing.  Or you may just be interested in another chew toy for Fido. I get it, and I won’t judge.  The Apple Siri remote does have some fans as I mentioned before. The Siri Remote is designed to work with Apple TV 4K and Apple TV 4th Gen, and you can use Siri to find what you want to watch with just your voice. The touch surface is a bit odd to me, but hey this is best way to get that remote replaced on the cheap.

See It At Amazon

Old School Apple TV Replacement: Apple TV Remote

best remote for apple tv

My Rating (out of 100)

Oh, and speaking of cheap….if you haven’t sprung for the newer Apple TV model yet (recommended) you can still get a replacement remote for the older generations of ATV.  While it won’t work with Siri or any other assistant for voice control, it will let you navigate older generations of Apple TV. In fact, if you need a replacement remote to control older generations of Apple TV, this is it. As a footnote, most Harmony remotes will also work with older generations of Apple TV. You can check device compatibility here.

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Harmony Universal Remotes

Yes, the very best universal remotes for Apple TV and ATV 4K have several options from Logitech, the best of which I will cover here. I also wrote an article that goes deeper into this topic here.

Best Overall Universal Remote: Logitech Harmony Elite

best remote for apple tv

My Rating (out of 100)

If you simply want the best remote that money can buy and the price isn’t a major concern, look no further than Logitech’s Harmony Elite. Logitech premier remote will control Apple TV, plus every other device in your media cabinet & smart home stuff too. Best of all you get to do it from a beautiful color touch screen that will be sure to impress your family and friends. Oh, and it also works with Alexa, Google, AND Siri.

Modern Classic does a nice job reviewing the Harmony Elite:

Note: Pricing discussed in the video does NOT reflect the latest pricing on Amazon. Amazon often runs sales on the Elite. Click the button below to check the price.

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Best Budget Harmony Option: Harmony Companion

best replacement remotes for apple tv

My Rating (out of 100)

I like to joke around that the Harmony Companion is the “poor man’s Elite” [or woman’s!]. However, customers who own this remote swear by it.  It essentially gives you all of the same functionality of the Elite without the snazzy color LCD screen.  Yes, you can control Apple TV, other media devices, and smart lights, blinds, etc. Harmony’s device database of over 275,000 products means the stuff you own is practically guaranteed to work with this remote.

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Best For Voice Control:  Harmony Express

best remote for apple tv 4k

My Rating (out of 100)

2021 Update: This remote is being discontinued by Logitech. Current Harmony Express owners can trade in the remote for the even-better Harmony Elite for a limited time. More info here.

The Harmony Express is the newest addition to the Harmony family. It was designed to do one thing and do it well: work with Amazon Alexa for voice control.  Yes, you can use Alexa to control your Apple TV and pretty much every other entertainment device too.  Say things like “Alexa, turn on Apple TV,” Alexa, scroll left,” Alexa turn up the volume, Alexa, find me Star Wars movies on Apple TV, and many more.

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Harmony Universal Remote Alternatives

Yes, there are two exciting new products that have recently entered the market that you can use to control Apple TV 4K [and older] other than Harmony. They are Sevenhugs Smart Remote and Cavvo Control Center.  I will give you the scoop on them both below.

Easy To Use: Sevenhugs Smart Remote

My Rating (out of 100)

Sevenhugs is a remote unlike any you have seen. It is probably the “smartest” remote around in that it can intelligently detect the devices you point it at. Why is this a big deal? It just makes everything simpler. Point it at Apple TV and it will automatically display just the controls you need to navigate ATV. Point it at smart lights and the display gives you the option to set color and brightness of bulbs.

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Thanks to Nicole Lee from Engadget for this helpful video review.

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Great For Streaming: Caavo Control Center

best remotes for apple tv

My Rating (out of 100)

OK, so we have already established that you love or at least like your Apple TV.  Well, do you subscribe to multiple content services like Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, HBONow, Amazon Prime, and others. One cool thing about Caavo’s Control Center is that it does a great job letting you search across all of the streaming media services to provide you the freedom of choice to watch on the service you choose. It will also let you consolidate removes for up to 5 devices and a soundbar. It has a find my remote feature which can be super helpful when the remote gets stuck inside the bowels of your easy chair.

Here is a recent review of the Caavo from our friends over at

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Best Universal Remote App for Apple TV

If you simply want to use your smartphone or tablet to control Apple TV without a remote, you are in luck. Logitech also makes a product that will put all of the benefits of the Elite and Companion on your smartphone or tablet.

Best Smartphone Remote App: Harmony Hub


best remote control app for apple tv

My Rating (out of 100)

The Harmony Hub is a remote without a remote.  A remoteless remote, you say?  Yup.  It is a hub that basically turns your smartphone into a Harmony Elite.  Just to hammer the point home, there is no remote in the box. What you do get it nearly all of the same functionally of the Elite and Companion via an app on your smartphone.  If you are the kind of person whose phone never leaves you hand – and you like the idea of getting rid of all of those other remotes – the Harmony Hub is worth a look. A buddy of mine installed the Harmony App on a small tablet and it just looks and works awesome.

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Want Even More Apple TV Replacement Remote Options?

All active Harmony remotes will work with Apple TV 4K, so if you want to see even more options, check out my Logitech Harmony Comparison Guide, comparing all Harmony remotes side-by-side.

The Best Replacement Remotes for Apple TV 4K: Your Turn

So, what do you think about my picks for the best Apple TV replacement remotes for 4K and under?

Do you like the idea of consolidating multiple remotes, including your Apple TV remote, down to just one?

Do you like the cool LCD screen on the Elite?  I own an Elite and I love it.

Is the ability to control smart home stuff with your remote a factor in your decision? How about voice control with Alexa, Siri, or Google Home?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

best applet tv 4k remote replacements

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