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The goal of UniversalRemoteReviews.com is to help consumers make well-informed decisions about the purchase of all-in-one “universal” remote controls.

Review site for all in one remote controls

This is especially true as they relate to their use in “smart home” technology as well as home entertainment.

Over the three years, I have written and developed several reviews and comparisons of the most popular universal remote controls available today. These reviews are available on the blog.

Historically, this market has been largely cornered by the Logitech “Harmony” family of remotes. A while ago, I put together one of the most comprehensive comparisons of Harmony remotes available today. Not long after that Logitech announced it would no longer make Harmony remotes, so I put together this list of Harmony alternatives.

While multiple newcomers have entered the fray over the past few years, some have come and gone. These include Sofabaton, Amazon Fire TVNeeo, Caavo, Inteset, Insignia, Flipper, and others.  I plan to expand our coverage to include even more manufacturers in the weeks and months ahead.

Please check back often as I continue to work to build the best resource for universal remote reviews on the web.

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