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7 Best Remotes for Fire TV Stick and Cube in 2024

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In this article, I’ll review the seven best remotes for Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube you can get right now.

In a rush?

Here are my top seven picks:

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Love Your Firestick?

Do you love your Fire Stick?

best remotes for fire tvI know, I know. I sound like a bad Internet commercial for virtual private network (VPN) software.

So, I won’t go there.

However, I do love my Fire TV Cube. And apparently, I am in good company. Earlier this year, Amazon reported selling 200 million Fire TV devices. And that was before Prime Day this year. Whoa.

I do NOT love the Amazon remote that ships with Fire TV Stick and Cube, though.

Why? Because it adds another remote to the others piling up on your coffee table.

The new Alexa Voice Remote PRO is very cool, though.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to some alternate remotes that you can use to control your Fire TV.  Contrary to popular belief, you do have universal remote options.

Let’s go get ’em!

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#1 – For Fire TV: Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Compatibility: Compatible with most Fire TV streaming media players, and smart TVs with Fire TV built-in. Not compatible with Fire TV 1st and 2nd Gen, Fire TV Stick 1st Gen, Element Fire TV Edition, Insignia HD/Insignia FHD, Hisense U6HF 4K ULED Fire TV Series, or Echo Show.

I’ve been enjoying testing Amazon’s new Alexa Voice Remote Pro over the past few weeks (full review here), which adds features like customizable buttons, backlighting, and a remote finder. The lightweight and small remote has two programmable buttons, which I set to launch Disney+ and HBOMax, but can also be assigned to any Alexa command. The remote isn’t included with any Fire TV hardware, so it’s a standalone purchase and could make a good stocking stuffer for someone with a compatible Fire TV.

The backlit buttons make it easy to use in the dark, and the remote finder feature is a patience saver when your remote falls inside your sofa cushions or you leave it in the freezer. However, the remote locator is limited to 30 feet and won’t control your entire home theater. Despite these minor drawbacks, I find the Voice Remote Pro a great upgrade for those who want more customization and ease of use with their Fire TV.


  • Customizable buttons for personalized shortcuts.
  • Backlit buttons for easy navigation in the dark.
  • Remote finder feature for locating misplaced remotes.
  • Comfortable, intuitive design.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Fire TV devices.


  • Not included with Fire TV hardware, requiring a standalone purchase.
  • No recents button for easy multitasking.
  • Remote locator limited to a 30-foot range.


Video Review

Video Credit: Triple M

#2 – Best Universal: Sofabaton X1

Compatibility: Controls all Fire TV Stick and Cube models.

The first on my list of the best Fire TV Stick and Cube remotes is the Sofabaton X1. I have been using this remote for about a month now, and there are three things that I would say make it a cut above the rest. First and foremost is Sofabaton’s vast device support. It was compatible with most of my devices here, including my awesome Hue lights.

The company claims the remote will support over 500,000 devices from hundreds of brands. This includes hundreds of TVs, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, projectors, cable boxes, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

Second, while not perfect, I found the setup process using the Sofabaton app intuitive and easier than Harmony remotes.

Third, support for Activities like “Watch Fire TV” lets me set up macros to ask Alexa to automatically turn on my TV, power up my sound bar, dim my smart lights, and switch over to Fire TV Cube.

Other benefits include long battery life, backlit buttons, and a find-lost remote feature.


  • Controls IR and Bluetooth devices over Wi-Fi and RF.
  • Included IR mini blasters let you control devices inside cabinets.
  • Amazing 60-hour rechargeable battery life.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration.
  • Backlit buttons make it easy to see the remote in the dark room.


  • Some customers confuse the back button for LCD screen navigation at the top of the remote with the back button below the screen for streaming.


Video Review

Video Credit: Youthman

#3 – Budget Universal: Sofabaton U2

Compatibility: Check out the Sofabaton device compatibility database.

If you are looking for a solid universal remote to control Fire TV but aren’t ready to shell out the money for the more expensive Sofabaton X1, then the Sofabaton U2 may be just the remote you are looking for.

The U2 model addresses the shortcomings of its predecessor, the U1, and enhances its overall design and performance. It offers a sleeker design, larger buttons, improved off-axis functionality, and an extended infrared range of 35 ft.

While it won’t control your smart home devices, it will control your home theater equipment and allow you to replace up to 15 remotes. It also gives you access to Sofabaton’s vast device database, so setting up your equipment to work with the remote should go quickly.

The batteries for the U2 are not rechargeable (requires two AA batteries, included), but you can also buy rechargeable batteries separately if desired.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly universal remote, the Sofabaton U2 is an excellent choice and ranks second among the best remotes for Fire TV Stick and Cube.


  • More affordable than X1
  • Improved design and usability over U1 and extended infrared range (35 ft)
  • Replace up to 15 remotes
  • Infrared learning mode lets you learn from existing remotes
  • Custom one-button activities like “Watch Fire TV” can turn on devices and switch them to proper inputs


  • Limited to a max of four Bluetooth devices
  • Cannot control smart devices like lights and Sonos speakers
  • No Alexa or Google Assistant support
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries


Video Review

  Video Credit: Kpaceguy

#4 – Best Keyboard Add-On: iPazzport

Compatibility with Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen and 3rd Gen), Fire TV Stick 4k, Fire TV Stick 4k Max, Fire TV (3rd gen), Fire TV Cube (2021 model).

If you are wedded to the existing Alexa Voice remote, check out this add-on keyboard from iPazzport. The keyboard and additional buttons iPazzport provides might make you not miss having a “true” universal remote control.

I use this add-on gadget when I need to type anything on the screen using my Fire TV Cube. This is especially helpful when searching for your favorite shows or YouTube content.

To learn more about this remote, check out the user manual here.


  • Simple add-on extends functionality of Alexa remote.
  • Works right out of the box with the Fire TV devices above.
  • Qwerty style keyboard makes searching your favorite content easier.


  • Doesn’t work with all Fire TV apps.
  • Backlighting is a bit dim.
  • Programming the universal remote features is challenging.


Compatibility: Works with most Fire TV Stick and Cube models.

The BroadLink RM4 Pro is an affordable and versatile universal remote that offers a simple way to make your home smarter while keeping costs low. Connecting to your Wi-Fi network allows you to control various remote-controlled devices through your phone or voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With its ability to automate older devices or appliances, the BroadLink RM4 pro delivers added convenience and modern functionality, easily transforming your living space into a smart home.


  • Budget-friendly smart home solution
  • Broad range of device compatibility
  • Seamless voice assistant integration
  • Enables automation for older appliances


  • Time-consuming and complex setup 
  • Limited compatibility with Apple HomeKit


Video Review

Paul Hibbert gives his usual bang-up review of this hub. Ooh, the Zigbee!!

#6 – Simple Replacement: Alexa Remote

Compatibility: Fire TV streaming media players, Amazon Fire TV smart TVs, and smart TVs with Fire TV built-in. Not compatible with Amazon Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen), Fire TV Stick (1st Gen), or Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs..

Coming in next on my list of the best remotes for Fire TV Stick and Cube is the latest-generation Alexa Voice Remote. While I don’t love it because it won’t replace your other remotes, it will let you control your Fire TV device with your voice using Alexa. Oh, and it’s cheap.

It also has some basic controls that include power, volume, and mute buttons that you can use to control your TV. You can also use it to control your soundbar and AV receiver. Did I mention it’s cheap?


  • Press a button on the remote to issue Alexa commands.
  • Great Voice search capabilities.
  • Vastly improved design over previous generations of this remote.
  • Dedicated buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu.


  • Can’t control other equipment.
  • The Home button and Prime button are redundant.


Video Review

Juan Camacho does a nice job in this video review of the Fire TV Stick and the Alexa voice remote:

#7 – Best Add-on: Sideclick Remote

Compatibility: Compatible with Alexa Voice Remote and Alexa Voice Remote Pro

The Sideclick universal remote add-on for Roku enhances your streaming experience by adding eight programmable buttons to your existing Roku remote control. This easy-to-set-up device allows you to control TV volume, switch channels, and more without needing multiple remotes. The Sideclick is compatible with various Roku models and even offers clips for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV/TV stick, and Google Nexus Player remotes.

While adjusting to the wider remote may take some time, the Sideclick makes the Roku experience more convenient and enjoyable by eliminating the need for multiple remotes. The device is simple to program, and the buttons have a reliable range for issuing commands.


  • Adds eight programmable buttons to Roku remote.
  • Compatible with various Roku models and other streaming devices.
  • Easy to set up and program.
  • Reduces the need for multiple remotes.
  • Reliable range for issuing commands.


  • It takes time to adjust to the wider remote.
  • May not accommodate all Roku remote designs.
  • Limited to eight additional buttons.


Best Remotes for Fire TV Stick and Cube – What’s Your Take?

So, what do you think about my picks for the best remotes for Amazon Fire TV Stick and Cube?

Which Fire TV device do you own? Do you plan to upgrade your Alexa remote to control more devices in addition to Fire TV? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

Also, do you have questions about Fire TV remotes? If you want to drop a question below, I will do my best to reply as soon as l can.

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