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Harmony Pro vs Elite: A-List Logitech Remote Comparison

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In this article, we will weigh the pros and cons of the Harmony Pro vs Elite premium smart home universal remote controls from Logitech.

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Harmony Pro vs Elite: DIY vs Professional Installer

The Logitech Harmony Elite has for a long time been Harmony’s top-of-the-line premier remote to control both entertainment and smart home devices. Recently, however, the company has introduced a new more expensive option called Harmony Pro that purports to be a cut above the Elite.

logitech harmony pro versus elite 2019

Harmony Pro Must Be Purchased From a Professional Installer

So what’s the difference?

The Harmony Elite is Logitech’s top of the line remote that lets you control both home entertainment and smart devices. It is a complete DIY solution that you purchase and install yourself.  The Harmony Pro requires that you purchase the remote from a 3rd-party reseller who sets everything up for you. 

Is the Harmony Pro worth paying nearly double the price? Let’s take a look.

Side-By-Side Quick Comparison Table

Here are the key differences at a glance. We will also provide more detailed specifications for both remotes later in the post.

Logitech Harmony Elite
Best for Most
Color: Black
Dimensions: : 7.56 x 2.13 x 1.14 in
Weight: 5.78 oz
LCD Touchscreen: 1.5 inches (diagonal), 65,000 color screen, 128 x 128 pixels
Device Control: 15
Favorite Channels: 50
Available from: Amazon and Other Retailers
Standard Warranty: 1 Year
IR Kit: 2 Mini Blasters, 0 IR Emitter Covers, 0 Precision IR Cables
Multi Zone Audio: No
Battery: Lithium-Ion rechargeable, replaceable
Logitech Harmony Pro
Premium Turnkey Solution
logitech harmony pro vs elite 2019
Color: Black with Silver Tip on Base
Dimensions: 7.56 x 2.13 x 1.14 in
Weight: 5.78 oz
LCD Touchscreen: 1.5 inches (diagonal), 65,000 color screen, 128 x 128 pixels
Device Control: 20
Favorite Channels: 50
Available From: Certified Professional Installer
Standard Warranty: 2 Years
IR Kit: 2 Mini Blasters, 8 IR Emitter Covers, 2 Precision IR Cables
Multi-Zone Audio: Yes
Battery: Lithium-Ion rechargeable, not replaceable

Harmony Elite: Logitech’s Premier DIY Home Automation Solution

harmony pro vs elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite [see it at Amazon here] is one of the best remotes that you can buy today to control both your entertainment and smart home devices.

Undecided with Matt Ferrell does a nice job reviewing the Harmony Elite in this YouTube Video.

I’m excited about the death of universal remote control codes too, Matt.

Control Entertainment and Smart Home Too

Home entertainment devices include things like your Smart TV, Cable TV/satellite, DVR, Roku/Apple TV/FireTV, Xbox/Playstation, soundbar, and other audio components. You can consolidate all of the remotes for these devices [up to 15] down to a single Harmony Elite remote. In addition, the Harmony will allow you to control your smart home devices these include smart lights, smart plugs, smart locks, smart thermostats, smart blinds, Bluetooth speakers, and much more.

Did you know that you can use these remotes with IFTTT to start activities based on your location and even time of day?  For example, you could have an “I’m home” activity that automagically triggers your outside and inside lights to turn on, a smart thermostat be set to a certain temperature, door to unlock, and TV to tune to your favorite news program when you arrive within 1000 feet of your home from work.  Learn more here ? 5 Magical Things You Can Do With Logitech Harmony and IFTTT.

Set Activities for Complete Automation

But here’s where the magic happens. You can use the Elite to set up activities like Watch a Move or Say Goodnight. For example, you tap the “Say goodnight activity on the Elite’s touchscreen, the activity could turn off your media components, turn off some lights and dim others, lock the door, lower your smart blinds, activate a nighttime sound machine, and lower the heat. Also, if you have Alexa or Google Home you can fire that same “Say goodnight” command off with your voice. So, it’s basically Star Trek, here and now [minus the beaming around sadly].

Harmony Pro: Turn-Key Home Automation Solution for Advanced Setups


harmony pro vs elite

When we first heard about the Harmony Pro, we immediately thought it would be overkill for most home users. One of the main benefits of the Elite and other Harmony remotes that they are super easy to set up using the intuitive myHarmony software wizard. However, it does serve a purpose for those who have complex setups, are looking to control more than 15 devices, or just don’t want to deal with any of the hassles of set up.

Full disclosure, we did not purchase the Harmony Pro remote, as it seemed silly because it is so close to the Elite. We have done extensive research, however.

You can see Logitech’s video promo for the Pro remote below.

Everything Elite Can Do

First and foremost, the Pro can do everything the Elite can do. In fact, the Pro and Elite remotes are identical, save for the gray tip on the base of the Pro. The main benefit of the Logitech Harmony Pro vs Elite is that you get a certified professional to do the installation.  You also get to add five additional devices bringing the total number of devices the remote can control to 20.

harmony pro versus eliteAdditional Hardware But Nearly Identical Remote and Hub

Extra IR hardware is supplied to support more complex setups. These include two Precision IR Cables and eight emitter covers which Logitech says will help you control more equipment behind closed cabinets. Interestingly, the weight and dimensions of the remote and Hub and identical for both products. According to Logitech’s own specifications, even the model numbers for both the Pro and Elite remote and hub and the same:

  • Pro Remote Model Number: N-R0010
  • Harmony Elite Remote Model Number: N-R0010
  • Pro Hub Model Number: O-R0004
  • Harmony Elite Hub Model Number: O-R0004

Pro Battery Not Replaceable

Also of note, the battery on the Elite is replaceable, but the one on the Pro is not. This seems kind of lame, but I suppose Harmony thinks that if you can shell out the money for this extra service, replacing a remote when it dies won’t be a problem.

Multizone Features A Bit Buggy at the Present Time

A word of caution if you are looking to use Pro to support a multi-zone audio environment. There is a fair amount of chatter in the forums by professional installers saying that the feature is difficult to implement and limited at what it can do at best. We suggest you discuss any multi-zone audio plans with your installer to ensure they can achieve them before you make the purchase. It is likely Logitech will get these bugs ironed out soon, but this is the current state of the Pro for this feature as of today.

Interactive Comparison Table

Use the Next and Previous links at the bottom of the table to cycle through all the features. To see the specifications for a specific feature just type a keyword into the Search box above the table. For example, for Sonos speaker compatibility, enter Sonos into the Search field.

Logitech Harmony Pro vs Elite: Features Comparison Table

 Harmony EliteHarmony Pro
logitech harmony pro vs elite 2019
Wireless TechnologyBluetooth, IEEE 802.11b/g/nBluetooth, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Remote Control TechnologyInfraredInfrared
Harmony HubYesYes
LCD TouchscreenYesYes
LCD Display1.5 inches (diagonal), 65,000 colour screen, 128 x 128 pixels1.5 inches (diagonal), 65,000 colour screen, 128 x 128 pixels
Voice Control with Alexa and GoogleYesYes
IR Device ControlYesYes
Requires Line of Sight to DevicesNoNo
Bluetooth Device ControlYesYes
Wi-fi Device ControlYesYes
Backlit ButtonsYesYes
Motion SensorYesYes
Go to Sleep TimerYesYes
Haptic Vibration FeedbackYesYes
OS Support for SetupWindows 10, Windows 8, MS Windows 7, Apple Mac OS X 10.7 or laterWindows 10, Windows 8, MS Windows 7, Apple Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Number of Controlled Devices1520
Number of Supported Devices275,000275,000
Number of Favorite Channels5050
Replaceable Rechargeable BatteryYesNo
Harmony App for Smartphone or TabletYesYes
One Touch ActivitiesYesYes
FireTV, AppleTV, RokuYesYes
Sonos SpeakersYesYes
Smart lights, smart blinds, smart thermostat, smart locks, smart plugsYesYes
Major Video Game ConsolesYesYes
IR Blaster KitBasic Advanced
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year2 Years

What’s in the Box?

Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony Elite Box

  • Harmony Remote (with rechargeable battery)
  • Charging station
  • Harmony Hub
  • 2 AC adapters
  • 2 IR mini blasters
  • USB cable, user documentation

Harmony Pro

  • Harmony Remote (with rechargeable battery)
  • Charging station
  • Harmony Hub
  • Power adapter
  • 2 IR mini blasters
  • 2 precision IR cables
  • 8 IR emitter covers
  • USB cable
  • User documentation
Want to see some additional options? Check out our handy Harmony comparison chart ? Logitech Harmony Comparison Chart: Epic 2019 Guide/Infographic. There are also lots more reviews in our ?Blog.


What is the difference in price between the Harmony Pro and Elite?

You can see the latest pricing as of this writing on Amazon for the Elite in the Amazon badge below. Click on the badge to see up-to-the-minute pricing on Amazon.

You should consult an installer for the latest pricing on the Harmony Pro. See Logitech’s Harmony Pro website for details.

How hard is it to set up the Harmony Elite on my own?

If you have basic computer skills and have installed software in the past, it is not hard at all. The general procedure is:

  1. Connect your Harmony Elite via the supplied USB to your computer.
  2. Enter make and model numbers of your devices into the myHarmony setup program.
  3. Logitech then discovers your devices based on the information entered and adds them to the remote.

Although the Elite allows you to also set up devices using your smartphone, we do not recommend you go this route.  The desktop software available for both Mac and PC makes this super simple. Customers complain about the mobile setup. Feel free to reach out to us if you get stuck.

Thanks to OmegaMan for this super helpful setup video:

Which Harmony remote is the best of the best?

This depends on who you ask and what your needs are.  We like the Elite for most setups.  If you have a more complex home theater environment, a giant house with multiple rooms of entertainment equipment or you know you want to control more then 15 devices now or in the near future, Pro may be worth a look. Otherwise, we think the Pro service is overkill for most people, especially with the multizone features on the fritz. Therefore, we can only in good faith recommend the Harmony Elite. On the flip side, if you have a simple set up, both of these may be overkill for your needs. See the next question.

Both of these remotes are too expensive for what I need? Are there other options?

Yes. Harmony has a ton of options to satisfy just about any budget requirement. Naturally, the less you spend the more features you give up. We suggest you take a look at our detailed comparison guide that compares the features for all of the Harmony remotes.

Harmony Pro vs Elite:  What Do You Think?

So what do you think of our Logitech Harmony Pro vs Elite comparison?

Do you now have a better understanding of the key differences between these two high-end Logitech remotes?

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  1. You’ve missed out the most important feature difference of them all, which also might be hinted at by the name:

    – The Elite is aimed at the home user, and the management portal reflects this.

    – The Pro is aimed at commercial installations done by AV integrators, where multiple instances of Harmony hubs might be managed, and the “dealer” management portal allows you to manage multiple clients, with numerous Harmony installations (up to 15 per client) able to be managed remotely. The additional hardware cabling and IT blisters support these type of commercial installations that tend to be hidden from site, compared home setups.

    A home, or Elite setup is likely to be managed by an individual enthusiast or hobbyist familiar with that installation. A Pro installation is less likely to have anyone onsite familiar with the local install, and more reliant on an external contractor/integrator for support who needs easy remote management of multiple solutions.

    Whilst it is a very promising solution, I’m still not convinced it is ready for prime time commercial installation. I’ve installed over 20 now, integrating all manner of STB, AppleTVs, commercial TVs and TV lifts.

    -It lack truly stateful awareness of all controlled devices (usually done better via IP or RS232/serial) meaning it can easily get out of sync.
    – It seems to prefer IR for control where I know other solutions might control the same device via IP.
    – It is not consistent or up to date with all recent Samsung Hospitality TV IR programming (one of the worlds most popular hospitality TV ranges).
    – It is also slightly inflexible with certain programming situations, due its’ target DIY interface which limits certain options.
    – IR commands programmed automatically or by learning, sometimes don’t always work consistently the same as the factory remote, even when lots of time is spent spent tweaking commend execution lengths etc.

    On plus side, their support is good, especially for the value proposition, and Logitech are seeminglye working hard to improve all the time.

    For an advanced home user it is a great solution though, once you understand it’s nuances, at an attractive price point, with a great handheld that many users will appreciate, but is also maybe not for those with limited vision, or technophobes.

  2. Author

    Hi Dom,

    Thanks for sending in the additional information. I’m going to publish it here as others may find it beneficial as well. What do you think of the new Harmony Pro 2400 vs Pro and Elite?

    Tim Brennan

  3. The other important difference not mentioned in your article is that the Pro Hub has an Ethernet port while the Elite uses Wife exclusively.

    While most homes have a solid WIFI these days, a wired solution is almost always more stable than Wifi.

    The remote uses RF, not Wifi to communicated with the Hub. So using Ethernet from the Hub to IP controlled devices allows wifi. and its perils, to be bypassed completely.

  4. Does anyone know if there is there a difference in the programming software from the Elite vs Pro/Pro2400 ?

    There is a finite amount of Elite devices for the logitech “home” portal? That seems bizzare to me, as many residences have 10+ displays….

  5. Why is there no mention that neither of these will work with the hub if the user has a MAC with the latest OS? What % of customers would this apply to. I have no idea but I think it’s something you should have mentioned.

  6. Author

    Hey Ross, I’m not really sure of your point here but I am publishing it anyhow in case others find it useful.
    Tim Brennan

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