ge remote codes for samsung

All of the GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs

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In this post, I am going to share all of the GE Universal Remote Codes to control your Samsung TVs.

When the GE Remote Codes for Samsung TVs Elude You

ge remote codes for samsung

Not that long ago, we could only dream about having a single gadget that we could use to control multiple devices in our home.

Today, you can easily become the proud owner of such a tool – the popular GE universal remote control. This remote can control most TVs (Samsung included) as well as other devices in your entertainment center.

GE ships with documentation covering the universal remote codes for Samsung TVs, but it is sometimes easier to look them up online. This is especially true if, like me, you misplaced the original instructions!

Well, fear not. I’ve got you covered with not just the list of codes but with basic instructions as well.

Let’s get you those codes first.

List of Codes

For Samsung TVs, a universal remote control code is a four-digit number that identifies a particular TV brand and model. Codes can vary from one Samsung TV model to the next.

How can I find out what code list version I need?

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Open the battery compartment of your universal remote and remove the batteries. You will find a sticker with the code list version inside.

There are three different versions: CL3 (code list 3), CL4, and CL5.

Below you will find the codes for each version.

Samsung TV Model
GE Remote Control Codes

GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs, CL3 Version






























GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs, CL4 Version




GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs, CL5 Version




To save time, I have listed the codes in order of popularity. This means that the first code in every group usually fits most Samsung TV models.

The first or the second code will likely work for your device. However, there is a chance that won’t happen. If that’s the case, continue with the rest of the codes on the list.

Instructions for Entering Codes

The great news is that you don’t have to be a programmer to make this device work. Now that you know the codes, you can turn an ordinary remote into a universal remote control that will make your life easier.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to enter GE remote codes for your Samsung TV:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV.
  2. Press and hold the ‘setup’ button on the remote control. A red light should come on (it’s either a small light right at the top of the remote or the on/off button).
  3. Press the button with the name of the device that you want to use (in our case, it’s ‘TV’).
  4. After that, enter the code from the list above using the numeric keypad. Start with the first one. If that doesn’t work, try the next one.
  5. Continue entering codes until the red light turns off. This is the signal that you’ve found the correct code.
  6. Hold the remote right in front of your Samsung TV and press the power button.
  7. If everything is okay, then the TV will turn off. If nothing happens, try another code from the list.
  8. Test the rest of the buttons on the remote to make sure that everything is working correctly.

Congratulations! Now your TV is going to work with a universal remote control.

What If the GE Remote Codes Aren’t Working?

If the first code fails to work, proceed to the next one. Yes, it might take some time, but in the end, you should be able to find the right one.

However, before entering all of the codes mentioned above, ensure that your universal remote control has fresh batteries. If the batteries are old or damaged, the remote won’t be able to work its magic.

Bear in mind that you have only 10 minutes to change the batteries. Otherwise, the codes programmed into the remote will be lost.

Also, ensure there isn’t a physical barrier between the remote and your Samsung TV. Vases, tables, sofas – all these things can ruin the whole connection process.

💁 Tip: Some codes can operate only a few features. If some buttons on the remote are not working, try programming the universal remote with a different code from the list.

How To Program the GE Remote

ge remoteIf you still haven’t found the right code for your TV, you can search through all the codes stored inside the remote itself.

  1. Manually turn on your Samsung TV.
  2. Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button until the red light turns on.
  3. Press the ‘TV’ button on the remote. The red light will flash once.
  4. Point the remote at the TV and press the ‘power’ button on your universal remote. This step will make your remote test 10 different codes (the red light will flash for every code sent).
  5. Repeat the previous step until the TV turns off.
  6. Manually turn on your Samsung TV.
  7. Point the remote at the TV and press the ‘Vol +’ button. The remote will send the first code from what you chose above.
  8. Repeat the previous step until the TV turns off (wait three full seconds every time before pressing ‘Vol +’ again). Once it turns off, press and release the ‘TV’ button to save the code.
  9. Turn the TV on with your remote and test the buttons.

Instructions for Resetting the Remote

You can reset your universal remote control to the factory settings at any time.

  1. Press and hold the ‘setup’ button on the remote until the little red light turns on.
  2. Release the ‘setup’ button. The red light must remain on.
  3. Press and release the ‘mute’ button.
  4. Press and release the ‘0’ (zero) button.
  5. If the red light flashes twice, you have successfully reset your remote.


There you have it — all of the current GE universal remote codes for Samsung TVs.

It shouldn’t take you too long to find the right one, but be sure to take your time. It’s also wise to write down the code that worked for your Samsung TV, so you have this information available for any future needs.

And now, you can get back to binge-watching your favorite shows on your Samsung TV. Enjoy!

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