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All of GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TVs [2023]

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In this post, I’ll share all of the GE universal remote codes for Vizio TVs, newly updated for the latest TV models this year.

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You know GE, also known as General Electric. They “bring good things to life,” after all. If you have arrived here, chances are that you know them well enough to have bought a universal remote from them.

ge remote codes for vizio tvsThe GE Universal Remote remains as popular as ever and is one of the most affordable remotes you can get today. It’s usually priced under ten bucks and has all the basic features of a universal remote.

This includes the ability to control most Vizio TVs.

While I don’t like this remote as much as some of the best remotes for Vizio TVs or even the best remote apps for Vizio TVs, I get it. The low price point is a budget buy for many consumers.

However, whenever you’re dealing with one of these old-school universal remotes, the requirement to enter one or more “codes” to make it work can be a bit of a bummer.

There are a few reasons why this is frustrating:

  • The manual print is so small I have a hard time reading out the codes.
  • The manual can be difficult to understand, especially the ones that fold over.
  • If you have a newer TV, sometimes the outdated codes in your old GE remote manual won’t work at all.

But don’t worry. I’ve got all your remote codes for Vizio TVs right here. I’ll also include the full step-by-step process to program and troubleshoot your remote if you want to throw that tiny manual into your fireplace.

But let’s cover the GE Universal Remote codes for Vizio TVs first.

List of Codes

The GE universal remote codes for Vizio TVs are four-digit numbers that can be different for a particular model. If you have two different Vizio TV models at home, the codes are most likely going to be different. They were for me.

Getting the GE Remote Code You Need

GE Universal Remotes are loaded with three code lists. Your Vizio TV responds to a different code for each list. You want to check if your remote comes with the CL3, CL4, or CL5 codes so you can use the right ones when pairing with your Vizio TV.

Finding out which code list to use is easy. All you need to do is open up your remote’s battery compartment and check the sticker. The code list is going to be printed on it.

After finding out which code list to use, here’s the full list of codes for your Vizio TV:

Vizio TV Model
GE Remote Control Codes

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV, CL3

























GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV, CL4










GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV, CL5












Admittedly, these are a lot of codes and can get confusing quickly. Don’t panic. After figuring out the code list of your remote, try the first number. If it doesn’t work, try the next one until you find the code that works with your Vizio TV.

I’ve sorted these codes in terms of the likelihood of it working, so it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of tries to get everything sorted out and working.

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How to Pair the GE Remote with a Vizio TV (Auto Method)

I recommend trying the automatic method to pair your remote with your TV. Your GE remote stores most of the codes in its memory banks. All you need to do is allow your remote to cycle through these until it finds the right one.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Turn your TV on using your original remote or its power button (since you can’t use the remote yet).
  • Press and hold the Setup button on your remote until the red light turns on.
  • Select the TV button on your remote.
  • Press the Power button every 5 seconds until your TV turns off.
  • When your TV powers off, switch your TV on using its power button.
  • Press the Volume Up button every 3 seconds until your TV powers off.
  • When your TV responds, press the TV button on your remote to save the codes.

You should now be able to use your GE remote to control your TV.

  • Confirm by pressing the buttons on your remote and see if your TV responds.

Video Review

This video shows how to program the remote automatically without codes.

  Video Credit: mailtosimer

How to Pair the GE Remote with a Vizio TV (Manual Way)

This is an alternative method using the GE universal remote codes for Vizio TVs if the automatic method does not work. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you can do it:

  1. Turn on your Vizio TV using the previous remote or its power button.
  2. Press and hold the Setup button on your GE remote.
  3. When the red light turns on, press the TV button on your remote.
  4. Using the remote’s keypad, type in the appropriate code for your TV model from the list above.
  5. Wait for the red notification light to switch off.
  6. If it doesn’t, enter the next code on the list.
  7. Continue to go down the list, entering codes until the light switches off. When it does, try turning your TV off. Your TV should power down once you have entered the correct code.
  8. Once it does, you can power your TV back up using your remote.

That’s all there is to it!  You can now control your Vizio TV with your GE remote. If your remote is remote still not working, continue on to the next section.

Troubleshooting Guide

What if the Codes Don’t Work?

Don’t be afraid to try out different GE Universal Remote codes for Vizio TVs using the manual method above. I recommend entering codes from the top and moving down the list until you find one that works.

You also want to ensure that your remote has fresh batteries. They just make your life easier as your remotes will be more responsive to your key presses.

Can I Reset my GE Universal Remote?

Yes, you can. Whether you’re having issues with pairing it to your TV or want to clear it up so you can use it with other devices, you can reset it to factory settings.

Doing this will clear all your settings allowing you to start fresh. It’s also a handy troubleshooting step if you’re stuck and confused about what to do next.

Here’s how you reset your GE Universal Remote:

  1. Press and hold the Setup button on your remote.
  2. The red light should turn on, then release the Setup button
  3. Press the Mute
  4. Press the Zero (0) button.
  5. The red indicator light will flash twice, indicating it has been reset.

Video Review

Here is how to reset an older version of the GE Universal Remote Control to its factory settings.

  Video Credit: mailtosimer

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TVs: Wrap Up

ge remote codes for vizioThere you have it! All of the GE universal remote codes for Vizio TVs, plus the full set of instructions and a troubleshooting guide.

Hopefully, using the information above, it took just a few minutes to get your remote up and running, and you found this reference helpful.

Here’s a tip: once you find the code, write it down and scotch-tape it to the back of the remote. If that sounds too messy, you can send it to yourself via email, so you know where to find it when you need it.

Here’s an even better tip: bookmark this page for future reference. 🙂

Until next time, enjoy using your GE remote with your Vizio TV!

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