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Logitech Harmony Alexa Commands List [2024 Update]

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In this article, I present a mondo-sized list of the best and most common Logitech Harmony Alexa commands. I’ll include lots of examples that I (oddly) couldn’t find anywhere else on the web.

Which Harmony Devices Are Compatible With Alexa?

Logitech classifies its Harmony remotes in these two categories.

  1. Hub-based remotes
  2. Infrared remotes

Alexa commands will work with 1 but not 2. This article covers commands for the more popular Hub-based remotes like Harmony, Elite, Companion, Smart Control, Pro, Hub, and Ultimate Home.

Smarter Voice Control

Regarding voice control, Logitech Harmony remotes have gotten smarter over the past year. Harmony’s Hub-based remotes now support many commands for both Alexa and Google Assistant.

logitech harmony alexa commands

You can use your voice to do things like:

A Superior Alexa Experience

Harmony’s Alexa skills have gotten more intelligent too. It used to be that you had to say, “Alexa tell Harmony to turn on the TV.” Boo. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. You can now say the abbreviated command “Alexa, turn on the TV,” and she does it for you. Thank you, Logitech. This is a way better user experience, in my opinion.

DIY Smart Home Guy has an excellent video that walks you through setting up friendly names for Harmony Alexa commands so that you can even do this using older Harmony technology:

There is still one caveat, though for many commands.

After an Activity runs for 20 minutes, you must specify your device. For example, “Alexa, turn up the volume on my TV”.

Still, that’s easy enough and less awkward than the “Ask Harmony” thing.

Ok, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough! Let’s get you those commands. Rather than provide one giant list, I’ll organize them in a few tables that make them easy to parse. Please social share if you find this helpful, as others might too. Thanks!

My Big List Of Harmony Alexa Commands

After scouring the web and Logitech’s support website, I had difficulty finding a comprehensive list of Harmony Alexa commands.

And like many things that have to do with Harmony remotes, there is a TON of conflicting and outdated information.

So, I said, what the heck, I’ll make one myself!

I will do my best to keep this up to date.  If something isn’t working, please comment, and I will update this article ASAP.

Here are those commands.

Controlling Your TV Power and Volume

The coolest thing about Harmony remotes is that you can use Harmony Alexa commands to control the TV! Try these commands:

To Do This … Say This to Alexa …
Turn on the TV “Alexa, Turn on the TV.”

“Alexa, Turn on Bob.”

(You can substitute a “friendly” name for any TV.)

Turn off the TV “Alexa, turn off the TV.”

“Alexa, Turn off my Samsung TV.”

Turn Up the Volume “Alexa, turn up the volume.”

“Alexa, raise the volume.”

“Alexa, increase the volume.”

“Alexa, Turn up the volume by 10 (scale is 1-20).”

“Alexa, Turn up the volume on my TV.”

Turn Down the Volume “Alexa, turn down the volume.”

“Alexa, decrease the volume.”

“Alexa, lower the volume.”

“Alexa, Turn down the volume by 3.”

Adjust the Volume “Alexa, set the volume to 5.”
Mute “Alexa, mute.”

“Alexa, mute my TV.”

Unmute “Alexa, unmute my TV.”

Controlling Harmony Activities

Activities are where the real magic happens with Harmony remotes.

To control Activities, you must use “turn on” or “start” to do so, unless you set a friendly name for that activity. . For example, “Alexa, turn on the TV.” Commands such as play, pause or saying the name of the Activity will not work (e.g., “Alexa, watch tv” will not start your Watch TV Activity) unless you set the friendly name. Once you set the friendly name, you can say:

  • “Alexa, Watch TV.”
  • “Alexa, Watch a Movie.”
  • “Alexa, Listen to Music.”
  • “Alexa, Play a Game.”

Switching Streaming Media Players and Devices

You can also use Harmony to control your favorite home entertainment devices, streaming services, and even video game consoles.

To Do This … Say This to Alexa …
Switch Streaming Media Players “Alexa Turn on Apple TV.”
“Alexa, Turn on Roku.”
“Alexa, Turn on Fire TV.”
“Alexa, turn on Netflix/Hulu/HBO.”
Go to another Device “Alexa, Turn on Blue Ray Player.””Alexa, Turn on the Xbox.”

Changing Channels

After launching a “Watch TV” activity, you can tune directly to a channel. You can tune to a Favorite station or call out a specific channel.

Note: The names you use should match whatever custom name or “friendly” name you gave them in the Harmony app. Again, you can only change channels after using one of the “turn on” commands above).

To Do This … Say This to Alexa …
Go To a Specific Cable TV Channel “Alexa, Turn on the SciFi Channel.””Alexa, Turn on Destination America.”

“Alexa, Turn to NBC.”

“Alexa, Turn on ESPN.”

“Alexa turn on Channel 25.”

“Alexa, turn on CNN.”

“Alexa, turn on SciFi.”

Go to a Specific Channel on a Service “Alexa, turn on CNN on PlayStation Vue.”Alexa, turn on ESPN on Hulu.”

“Alexa, turn on HBO on Prime Video.”

Change Channel Up/Down “Alexa, change to channel number 3.””Alexa, Channel up.”

“Alexa, Channel down.”

“Alexa, Channel up on Sonos.”

“Alexa, Channel down on my TV.”

Opening Netflix, Prime, Apple TV, Roku, & Disney+

Netflix remains one of the most popular streaming media services, although other services like Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Disney+ have been gaining ground. Many consumers now have multiple devices and subscribe to more than one streaming media service.

To Do This … Say This to Alexa …
Open Netflix “Alexa, turn on Netflix.”
Open Apple TV “Alexa, turn on Apple TV.”
Open Roku “Alexa, turn on Roku.”
Open Disney+ “Alexa, turn on Disney+.”

Controlling Playback

These commands work on Netflix, Roku, Apple TV, and Disney+ as well as other streaming devices and services that support streaming and playback:

To Do This … Say This to Alexa …
Play / Pause /Stop Playback “Alexa, Play/Unpause/Resume.””Alexa, Pause.”

“Alexa, Stop.”

Rewind and Fast Forward “Alexa, Rewind 30 seconds.””Alexa, go Back 50 seconds.”

“Alexa, go Forward two minutes.”

“Alexa, skip Forward 20 minutes.”

Go Back to Start “Alexa, watch this from the beginning.”
Skip to Next Episode “Alexa, skip to next episode.”

Favorite Harmony Alexa Commands I Missed?

Do you have a favorite Harmony Alexa command that I missed?  Is one of the commands listed here not working quite right?

Please leave me a comment below and let me know.

I’m happy to help you troubleshoot, and I will gladly update this post if it makes sense.

Also, what do you think of my list of commands?  Comprehensive enough to get you going?  Again, I hope you will please leave me a comment and let me know.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Q: What if the Alexa Harmony skill is not working?

A: If Alexa doesn’t recognize your commands, ensure you enable the Harmony skill inside the Amazon Alexa app.

Chris Majestics has an excellent video that shows how to set this up. Note that the video is a bit dated and uses the old command structure, but the setup process is essentially the same.

You should also ensure your Harmony and Alexa are running the latest firmware. You can get the scoop on the latest firmware for Harmony here and firmware for Alexa here.

Q: What if Harmony is not responding to Alexa?

A: OK, I’ll be the first to admit that there is a “timeout” that can be a bit frustrating, though I understand why this happens technically.

After 20 minutes of use, you’ll need to directly specify a device name to do certain things like control its volume, for example. I.e., “Alexa, turn up the volume on Samsung TV.”

Q: What If Alexa is unable to control the volume?

A: Ensure that Alexa doesn’t have multiple smart home devices with the same name. For example, ensure the Alexa app > Menu > Smart Home does not list any devices with duplicate names such as “TV” and “Tv” — forget any unnecessary duplicates.

Q: Are there any special Directv commands?

A: There have been some Alexa integration issues reported with DirecTv. However, I don’t have this to test, and Logitech says it is compatible with Hub-based remotes.  If you have Directv and have been successful in using Alexa with Harmony, will you please leave a comment below and let us know? Thanks!

Q: What if I have trouble linking Harmony with my Alexa account?

A: If you receive an error message or have other issues while linking, use the Amazon Alexa website to add the Harmony skill:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account at
  2. Search for Harmony and select the blue skill.
  3. Select ENABLE and sign in to your Harmony account.

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