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5 Best Remotes for Toshiba TVs in 2024

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Synopsis: In this article, I am happy to present you with some of the best remotes for Toshiba TVs that you can buy this year. I will include a variety of options at multiple price points. My goal? To help you make a more informed purchase decision.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the best remotes for Toshiba TVs:

Toshiba TVs are Cool

best universal remotes for toshiba tvsOh Toshiba, Toshiba, Toshiba. How I miss thee.

My first flat-screen TV was a beautiful 38-inch Toshiba. I watched pretty much every season of Game of Thrones on that little TV (which, at the time, I thought was big and cool).

I have a 60-inch Samsung now, but thinking about that little Toshiba TV makes me feel nostalgic. Maybe you feel that way about your TV too. And seeing that you arrived here, I’m going to guess that it is also a Toshiba TV that you own.

Let’s get you a nicer remote for it.

Off we go!

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#1 – Best Overall: Sofabaton X1S

First on my list of the best remotes for Toshiba TVs is this beauty: the new Sofabaton X1S remote.

Sofabaton has been around for a while. Their U1 remote (my next pick) has been a new fan favorite since Logitech announced they will no longer be making new Harmony remotes.

However, the smaller and more powerful Sofabaton X1S remote really comes about as close to Logitech in the consumer remote market than any other remote I have tested. Like Harmony, it ships with a hub, and it can be used to control more devices than the U1. This includes your home theater devices as well as some smart devices like Hue smart lights and Sonos speakers. The X1S actually surpasses Harmony remotes in a few areas.

I can attest to this as I am the proud owner of a Sofabaton X1S, and I love it. Here’s what just the remote looks like lit up:

sofabaton x1 remote

While the LCD screen is not a touchscreen (display only), this remote feels super comfortable in the hand, it is really easy to use and navigate. Best of all: the remote will connect quickly to pretty much any model Toshiba TV with just a few taps using the Sofabaton app. Oh, and the battery life is nothing short of amazing—60 hours on a single charge!

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The initial setup takes time to go through and set up your devices, but the app and LCD screen makes navigating pretty straightforward. The inclusion of the two IR mini blasters in the box means you can even control devices behind closed cabinets. It will also learn from existing remotes to control devices that may not be already added to Sofabaton’s vast database of 500,000+ devices.

Kpaceguy does a great job in his Sofabaton X1S review out on YouTube. I’ll embed it below for your convenience:


  • Remote was recently updated to iron out bugs that were included in earlier versions of the firmware. Make sure you update the firmware on the remote and Hub to get the latest improvements.
  • One button “Activities” let you control multiple devices with a single click.
  • You can control your devices using Alexa or Google Home (e.g., “Alexa, Watch Apple TV”).
  • Can easily flip between different AV inputs.
  • Can control up to 60 different devices. This is 45 more devices than the Harmony Elite.
  • Works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as with IR/RF technology (i.e., controls smart home as well as home theater).
  • Totally DIY no need to hire an installer to set this up.


  • More expensive than U1.
  • Set up process takes time. You will need to take inventory of all your equipment and feed it to the Sofabatron app.
  • Navigating the app can feel a little slow and clunky at times.

SofaBaton X1S Universal Remote Control with Hub and APP

The X1S is compatible with smart assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling voice control for activating activities and interacting with your smart home entertainment systems.

Buy At Amazon
06/29/2024 03:54 pm GMT

#2 – General-Purpose Universal: Sofabaton U2

If you desire the robust capabilities of a Logitech Harmony remote, yet with a more pocket-friendly price tag, the Sofabaton U2 is worth your consideration.

The U2 brings forward a dimmer OLED screen at its top, effectively conserving battery life while accurately displaying the devices currently under control and those available to be managed.

The U2, an improvement over the U1, effortlessly controls up to 15 devices at once, thanks to an extended IR control range of up to 35 feet. Transitioning from your Toshiba TV to your streaming hardware has never been easier, thanks to the larger buttons for some keys, providing a satisfying click with every press.

The U2 combines the simplicity of setup and ability to program macros, with an all-round customizable mobile app. The smoother edges of the remote case make handling a breeze. Please note, like the U1, the U2 also can’t control some Bluetooth devices, smart devices, or work with Alexa or Google Assistant.

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  • Incredible value for money
  • Latest universal remote technology in a sleek, streamlined package
  • Nearly infinite customization options and settings
  • Compatible with virtually every remote-controlled device
  • Total DIY, no need for a third-party installer


  • Pairing with multiple versions of the same source (two different Fire Sticks, for instance) can be challenging
  • While the U2 features improved battery life, it lacks a rechargeable battery system. I recommend using rechargeable batteries.
  • No smart home controls available.

Best Budget Universal
SofaBaton U2 Universal Remote

The improved Sofabaton U2 remote features a better design, more responsive buttons, enhanced infrared performance, and easier battery replacement, making it a worthy upgrade from its U1 predecessor.

Buy at Amazon Full Review
03/04/2024 12:00 pm GMT

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Those looking to transform their smartphone into one of the best remotes for Toshiba TVs, home entertainment, and smart homes alike will get everything they need to hit the ground running with this popular app and hub combo.

The BroadLink RM4 pro will let you control your home theater system as well as a plethora of smart home devices. This platform is easy to use, easy to set up and is frequently updated with new features. Best of all, it works with both Android and Apple devices too.

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This platform has onboard support for more than 50,000+ IR-controlled devices and dedicated support for Wi-Fi-controlled devices, too. Connected devices can also be controlled via voice commands and IFTTT controls. These features help to make this one of the most flexible universal remotes under the sun. The mobile app is well supported, frequently updated, and very easy to use. It won’t be long until you’ve mastered even the more advanced features of this platform.

YouTuber Paul Hibbert has been having a love affair with Broadlink for a while and prefers it over the Harmony Hub:

Ooh….the Zigbeeeeee!


  • Super inexpensive for a smart home hub.
  • Really slick and intuitive user interface on the app.
  • Works with pretty much any device or hardware that can be controlled by a remote.
  • Smart hub helps you connect and control everything in your home from your phone.


  • You’ll have to fire up the app every time you want to flip a channel. Many customers buy a dedicated phone or tablet to work around this.
  • Updates will cause (some) downtime where you won’t be able to control your Toshiba TV, but typically take just a few moments.

#4 – Budget Replacement: Toshiba Primote

While not exactly the most feature-rich remote control on the market today, this Toshiba replacement option is going to get the job done for sure. For starters, this remote has been engineered from the very beginning to work with pretty much every Toshiba TV – whether it was made a week ago or a couple of decades ago. That kind of universal support across a brand is hard to find (especially at this price point).

Secondly, the layout of this remote control is pretty much the “universal standard” – very easy to navigate, very comfortable to use, and a simplified pattern that you can learn in no time to operate the remote with your eyes completely closed. Combine all of that with a long battery life (powered by AA batteries) thanks to the lack of a touchscreen or OLED technology, and this is a great option for those that don’t want to spend a mountain of money replacing the remote on their Toshiba TV.


  • This is basically a stock/OEM replacement for most Toshiba TV remotes.
  • The simplified and standardized remote key layout is easy to use.
  • Customers say that the battery life is good.


  • Not as feature-rich as the other remotes or app featured here.
  • Questionable long-term durability.
  • Buttons are hard to press for the first couple of weeks.
  • Can’t control your smart home devices.

Primote Remote for All Fire/Smart TVs (Toshiba/Insignia/AMZN) - w/Soundbar Volume Control and 6 Learnable Buttons - (No Voice Search)【Not for Fire Stick】
  • [2-in-1 Infrared Remote] Primote 2-in-1 Infrared (IR) Remote for Compatible with All Insignia/Toshiba/Pioneer Smart TVs and Roku TVs (TCL Roku/Hisense Roku/Onn Roku/Sharp Roku/Insignia Roku/Element...
  • [No Need to Setup for Insignia/Toshiba/Pioneer Smart TVs] This is an IR remote control that works right out of the box. The default setting is for F-TVs, including Insignia F20 / F30 / F50 / DF310 /...
Check Price
03/07/2024 11:00 am GMT

#5 – Best Luxury Remote: Crestron TSR-310

Creston TSR-310

Easily one of the best remotes for Toshiba TVs, this remote control from smart home integrator Creston features a modern design with an LCD touchscreen, rugged durability, and some of the best ergonomics in the universal remote world today.

The backlit buttons have plenty of tactile feedback and are a dream to use. This makes using this remote super simple and straightforward (even without having to look at the keypad itself).

The included touchscreen is crystal clear and colorful, uses the same kind of gesture navigation your smartphone does, and allows you to run embedded applications alongside all universal remote-control features, too.

The only downside is the price. This is a luxury item and requires that a certified Creston installer visit your home to set up the remote with a Creston system which has its own price tag.


  • Great battery life.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Perfect key layout.
  • Slick touchscreen features.


  • The remote is expensive.
  • Requires Creston system, which has its own price tag.
  • Needs to be set up by a certified Creston installer.

You can see this baby here over at Crestron.

Best Remotes for Toshiba TVs: Your Take

So what do you think about my five best remotes for Toshiba TVs?

Are you ready to invest in a luxury remote like Creston that requires an installer to come out to your home?  The nice thing about that is that they will set it up for you. The flip side is that it can be pricey.

Or are you at the opposite end of the spectrum and just need a simple remote to replace an existing remote that your dog chewed up?

More importantly, what is your favorite show to binge-watch right now?

Either way, I hope you will leave me a comment below and let me know!

Until next time, happy binge-watching all your favorites!

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