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15 Best Remote Control Apps for Android in 2023

In Remote Apps by Tim Brennan

In this article, I’ll review 15 of the best remote control apps for Android OS (both free and paid). I’ll base my review on features and stability. I will also include some picks for various devices like Sonos speakers and popular streaming media players. Without further ado, here are the …

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What Universal Remotes Work with Firestick in 2023?

In Q&A by Tim Brennan

In this article, I am going to go “all in” to help address the question “What universal remotes work with Firestick.” A few of you have written to me to say that some of the other info out there about these remotes is, ahem, a bit lacking (if not downright …

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7 Best Remotes for Amazon Prime Video in 2023

In Remotes: Streaming by Tim Brennan

In this post, I review five of the very best remotes for Amazon Prime Video this year. I’ll include some budget remotes as well as a few universal options that will let you stream Prime Video like a champ. The seven best remotes for Amazon Prime Video are: Harmony Companion [All-in-One …