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5 Best RCA TV Remotes [Universal, Replacements & App]

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Looking for the best RCA TV remotes: In this article, I provide a thorough review of the five best remotes for both RCA smart and traditional TVs.

So what are the best RCA TV remotes? Here are my five picks organized from most to least expensive:

Three of these will let you control your smart devices as well as home theater equipment, one is an app you can use with your smartphone or tablet, and the last two are super affordable budget replacement options. My goal is to help you find the perfect remote for your needs and budget.

The Best RCA TV Remotes?

When  I see the acronym RCA, it conjures up childhood memories of watching a “state of the art” 15-inch color TV in my family’s tiny den.

Even though I’m pretty old, the RCA company and its history of TV making certainly pre-dates me. They have been around forever. They were founded in 1919 and began TV development in 1929 [source Wikipedia].

Today, most RCA TVs are sold by Walmart. And the RCA brand has become known for providing decent quality TVs often at ridiculously low prices. As of this writing, you can get *70* INCH 4K TV over at Walmart for less than $600. That’s pretty crazy.

best rca tv remotes

Many of these TVs also offer Roku bundled in, so you also get a ton of streaming media apps (including Netflix) without having to buy a separate player.

Sadly though, the remotes that come with most RCA TVs these days are just plain yucky.

In this article, my aim is to introduce to some awesome universal remote replacements. If all you really want to do is replace an existing RCA remote, I’ll give you a couple of options for doing that too on the cheap.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”You can get a 70 inch RCA Smart TV with Roku over at Walmart for less than $600. That’s pretty crazy. #rcatv #walmarttv” quote=” You can get a 70 inch RCA Smart TV with Roku over at Walmart for less than $600. That’s pretty crazy.” theme=”style4″]

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RCA Remotes: Price Comparison Table

Here is a quick price comparison table that shows all five remotes side-by-side [they will appear stacked on mobile].

Tip: On a desktop computer you may need to expand your browser window to see all five products.

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Best Overall:  Logitech Harmony Elite

Ah, the Logitech Harmony Elite. This is Logitech’s top of the line remote, and my most favorite remote ever.  This is the remote that I use now. It allowed me to stuff the eight remotes cluttering up my coffee table into the recycle bin forever [it will support up to 15].  The best feature is the cool color LCD screen that you can use to control activities like “Watch TV” or “Netflix and Chill.” When you press a button for the activity all required components will startup. It’s not cheap, but it is worth every penny in my opinion.

Feature Highlights

  • Cool LCD touchscreen
  • Controls home entertainment and smart home devices
  • Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
  • Includes same app control as Harmony Hub – see below
  • Works with pretty much all RCA TVs


You can check whether your RCA TV is compatible with this remote at Logitech’s Harmony website here.

Video Review

Matt Ferrell does a nice job in reviewing the Harmony Elite over at YouTube. Thanks for the great video, Matt.

My Full Review

You can read my full review of the Harmony Elite here. This gem is more than one of the best RCA TV remotes. It is the best remote you can buy period.

Where To Buy It

You can pick up the Harmony Elite over at Amazon. It is generally Prime-eligible.

Solid Runner-Up: Harmony Companion

You can think of the Harmony Companion as a Harmony Elite, minus the touchscreen. It won’t let you control as many devices (eight instead of 15), but that may be enough for some. It will let you control both smart devices and home theater equipment. You can also get the Hub and app as well as voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Device compatibility is also the same as the Elite. Hard buttons on the ergonomically designed remote are using for controlling it all, including activities. This is a fan favorite of many in the tech industry.  I like the Elite better [because of the screen], but this is a more affordable universal remote option no doubt.

Feature Highlights

  • Functionality nearly identical to more expensive Elite
  • Activities for controlling multiple devices at once
  • Controls smart home and home theater
  • Includes smartphone app
  • Alexa and Google for voice control


You can check whether your RCA TV is compatible at Logitech’s Harmony website here.

Full Review

You can read my full review of the Harmony Elite here.

Where To Buy It

You can buy the Harmony Companion at Amazon.

Best RCA TV Remote App:  Logitech Harmony Hub

If you think of Harmony Companion like an Elite without a screen, you can think of the Harmony Hub like a Companion without a remote. No remote you say?  No. Instead you control all of your devices using the Harmony Hub and your smartphone. So this is really one of the best RCA TV remotes that actually doesn’t come with a remote!

The phone sends signals to the Hub and then in turn those signals are related to control your devices (up to eight). Controlling all of your stuff without a physical remote does take some getting used to though.  However, if you like the idea of shelving your RCA remote and up to seven others in favor of an app, this may be worth a look.

Feature Highlights

  • Lets you control up to eight home theater remotes and smart devices using your phone
  • Cheaper than Elite and Companion
  • Elegant Harmony app is intuitive and customizable
  • Colorful icons for favorite channels
  • Also works with Alexa and Google Assistant


You can check whether your RCA TV is compatible on Logitech’s Harmony website here.

Full Review

You can read my full review of the Harmony Elite here.

Where To Buy It

The Harmony Hub is also available at Amazon. You can often get it for 10% or more off list price.

Best OEM Replacement: RCA 4-Device

For the money, this really is a decent “old school” remote similar to the ones you have bought in the past. The buttons are backlit and you can also use it to control your Cable, DVD, VCR, and some streaming devices as well as your RCA TV. Full disclosure: the reviews about the “ease of installation” of this remote are mixed. You program the device using RCA’s Remote-Control Finder website, which will give you the remote codes for the devices you own.  Some customers like it, some find it clunky and confusing. This is in stark contrast to Harmony’s automated PC-based setup.

Feature Highlights

  • It’s very affordable – cheapest option here
  • Lets you consolidate four remotes down to one.
  • Feels like remotes you have used in the past
  • Controls Roku and Apple TV as well as RCA
  • Lots of positive customer reviews

Thankfully, we have Rudy from Take a Bath Productions to help guide us through the setup process.


You can check whether your RCA TV and devices are compatible on the RCA Remote Code Finder website.

Video Review

Thankfully, we have Rudy from Take a Bath Productions to help guide us through the setup process.

Where To Buy It

You can order up your very own RCA 4-Device remote over at Amazon here.

Budget Pick: GE Backlit 8 Device

Like the RCA OEM remote, the GE Backlist 8-Device remote is one of the best RCA TV remotes that also gets tons of solid customer reviews. This won’t let you control your smart home, or use Alexa, or create custom routines like Harmony. What it will let you do is consolidate remotes for up to eight components down to one.  These include many RCA TVs, Blu-ray/DVD players, cable and satellite boxes, some Roku players and other streaming media players. It will work with Roku sticks or Fire TV Stick, however. I strongly recommend Harmony remotes for those players.

Feature Highlights

  • Super cheap
  • Feels solid in the hand
  • Special buttons for various devices, such as TV, DVD, streaming, satellite, etc. -each device then controlled separately


You can check this list of codes over to see if your device brands are compatible.

Where To Buy It

You can pick up the GE Backlit 8-Device remote over at Amazon. This one is usually Prime-eligible to boot.

Best RCA TV Remotes and App: Conclusion

In the final analysis of the best RCA TV remotes, I am going to stick to my guns and that you get the Logitech Harmony Elite to control your RCA TV.

It just gives you so much more than any remote on the market, and you get to control everything using that color LCD screen.

The two dozen remotes I have bought or been given for testing purposes are sitting in my coffee table drawer.

Xxx does a nice job in this video overview of the Harmony Elite.

However, I do get that it is expensive and will cost you about as much or more than some home theater components.

The next best remote on my list of best RCA remotes and app is the Harmony Companion. Like the Elite, it will let you control both entertainment and smart things. Plus, you get the smartphone app, and Alexa and Google integration.  However, you don’t get the LCD screen.

I don’t really love the last two remotes, but if you want to consolidate your RCA remote with a few other home theater components, they will do the job just fine.

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