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What are the Best Universal Remotes for Roku 1 2 3 4, Express, Stick, and Plus?

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In this article, we give you the scoop on the best universal remotes for Roku 1, 2, 4, 5, Express, Stick, and Plus.

In an hurry?  Here’s a summary of the best universal remotes for Roku along with our top replacement remote picks for each Roku model:

You can click on any of the links above to jump down to the specific remote you are looking for.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

It’s Fun To Say

Roku. Roku. Roku. It’s fun to say.

Do you know what’s not so fun?

Using the little plastic remote that comes with the popular media streamer.

Nothing is automated and it just feels cheap. Worst of all? It only lets you control Roku so it’s just one more remote you’ll need to add to your repertoire.

This makes you sad 😢.

Well, turn that frown upside down 🙃. We are here to help with five great Roku replacement ideas.

Oh, and if you just want the best universal remote to replace your Roku remote, it’s the Logitech Harmony Elite. Why? The Harmony Elite lets you combine up to 15 remotes, has activities to automate multiple functions, and it will let you control smart devices too. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

And if you really just want to replace that lame remote that comes with your Roku player, we’ve got you covered there too. is supported by our readers. Please see our disclosure policy in the sidebar for more details.

Best Universal Remotes for Roku [Top Pick]: Logitech Harmony Elite

best universal remotes for roku

Logitech Harmony Elite

If you follow this site, it’s no secret that the Logitech Harmony Elite is our top pick universal remote for controlling all of your devices. Why? Logitech extensive support for both home entertainment and smart devices includes over 275,000 products from over 5,000 brands. Roku is no exception. In fact, Logitech has verified that Roku will work with all of its Hub-based remotes.

Roku Stick will not work with Harmony’s IR-based remotes but all of the Roku products, including the stick will work with Harmony Elite.

The Elite lets you control not just your Roku, but all of the devices in your entertainment center. It will also control your smart devices too. This includes devices lights smart lights, smart blinds, thermostats and more. You can then program activities like “Movie Night” or “Play Game.”

When you click Movie night on the Harmony Elite’s LCD color display, the activity can be programmed to automatically turn on not just your TV, audio setup, and Roku player, but also dim your smart lights, change lights to a different color, lower your blinds, etc. You are really limited only by your imagination.  It is expensive though.  If you are looking for a budget version of the Elite check out the Harmony Companion instead.

Best Voice Remote: Harmony Express

best universal remotes for roku

Logitech Harmony Express

Did you know that you can control your entire Roku and entertainment experience using your voice?

Well, you can.

This is thanks to the new Logitech Harmony Express remote. The Harmony Express is a barebones physical remote that gives you a ton of voice commands that you can use with Alexa.

You can control your entire Roku entertainment experience, smart TV, audio set up and even a ton of smart home devices using Amazon Alexa and your voice with this remote.

Early reviews from customers who own this remote are highly favorable.

Since we just did a full review on the Harmony Express, we won’t bore you with the details here. Instead, if you are interested in controlling your Roku player with Alexa, check out this post about the Harmony Express instead.

You can see Logitech’s ad for the Harmony Express remote below:

Best Replacement Remote for Roku 1 2 3 4

best universal remotes for roku

Feitian Roku Replacement Remote

If you are simply looking for one of the best universal remotes for Roku 1, 2, 3, or 4 streamer, customers have reported good success with the Replacement Remote for Roku 1 2 3 4 from Feitian shop.

The product description on Amazon is a little confusing, but this WILL work with Roku 1, 2, 3, and 4 players, and you DO NOT need to have your original Roku remote in order to get this to work.

If you want to control up to two additional IR based remotes, you will need the existing remotes for THOSE devices. This is very similar in features and functionality to your original Roku factory remote.

Note that there is no headphone jack on this remote but it still a pretty good deal.

Best Universal Remote for Roku Replacement: IKU

best universal remotes for roku

IKU Roku Remote Replacement

I think the design of the IKU Replacement Remote for Roku Express is a bit funky because it lacks some of the factory remote buttons. However, customers don’t seem to mind in the least and report good success with this device. Maybe that’s because this remote is a cheap, cheap, cheap way to replace your existing Roku Express remote!  It has buttons for Amazon and Netflix but not for Hulu or Sling. This will work with:

  • Roku Express 3700,3900
  • Express Plus 3710, 3910
  • Premiere 3920

It is also compatible with other Roku players but I like the other remotes listed on this page better for those players.

Note that this will NOT work with Roku Streaming Stick or built-in ROKU Smart TV. There is also no headphone jack, or game or voice search. But hey, it’s cheap!

Best Replacement for Roku Stick: Any Harmony Hub Based Remote

You will be hard-pressed to find a solid replacement remote for your Roku stick. The stick is cheap enough where it’s just not profitable for companies to produce them. You can get a replacement for a limited number of models direct from Roku.

But, again, if you want a good remote that will control your Roku as well as your other devices, we recommend any Harmony Hub remote.

As a reminder, IR-based Harmony remotes won’t work. Harmony Hub remotes include Harmony Elite, Harmony Companion, and Harmony Hub.

Best for Roku TV: It Depends on Your TV

best universal remotes for roku

Logitech Harmony 650

OK, I realize this answer Is going to sound a little repetitive but if you want a great replacement remote for your Roku TV, your best option is any Harmony remote that is compatible with your TV.

I suggest that you search Harmony’s Device Compatibility Database to see if your TV is compatible.  Chance are, it will be.

You can’t go wrong with a Harmony remote.

And you can consolidate your other remotes easily using Harmony’s software setup. Any Harmony remote listed here is a good choice.

If you want a budget option, check out the Logitech Harmony 650.  You can see them on display at your local Best Buy if you want to get a feel for them first. You will likely get a better deal at Amazon though.

Oh, if you have a TCL Roku TV, check out our recommendations in this post: TCL Roku Smart TV Universal Remotes: 7 Best for 2020

Techno Dad provides a nice video review of the Harmony 650 on YouTube. I’ll embed it below.

best universal remotes for rokuBest Universal Remotes for Roku: What Do You Think

So what do you think of my picks for best universal remotes for Roku 1 2 3 4, Express, Stick, and Plus?

Do you like the idea of controlling your other devices as well as your Roku player from a single remote?

This really is your best option.

How are you enjoying your Roku player in general?  What do you like best about Roku?

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Based on this article I purchased a Logitech Harmony Elite remote control to work with my new Roku Streaming Stick+. However, I could never get it to work and had to return it. Is this article wrong in stating that the two are compatible? Roku Technical Support just told me that no universal remote will work with a Streaming Stick+, only with Roku TVs. Are they wrong? I need some resolution on this. Can you forward this to Tim Brennan for his input? Thanks.

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