Data Sheet Summary: In this Logitech Harmony 650 Specifications Sheet, I provide complete specifications for the product, including hardware, technology, features, device compatibility, battery details, and more. Who am I, and how am I qualified?  I have spent the past two years blogging about universal remotes, with many of those posts focused on trying to dispel the world of misinformation available online about  Harmony remotes.

harmony 650 specifications

Product Overview: The Logitech Harmony 650 is Logitech’s entry-level remote that lets you consolidate up to five of your remotes for other devices. It will also let you create activities and map them to buttons so that “Watch TV” will automatically turn on your TV, fire up your soundbar, turn on your cable or satellite service, and even tune to your favorite station.

Additional features include up to 25 programmable Favorite channels, multimedia control, and control over major video game consoles. However, it will not let you control smart home devices out of the box. It will also not work with Amazon Alexa. These require a Harmony Hub, sold separately or a Harmony Hub-based remote. However, you get a cool color LCD screen that will be envy of the other remotes on your coffee table. The red backlit buttons also look pretty cool in the dark.

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Production Specifications

Harmony 650
Dimensions 5.4 x 9.5 inches x 1.9
Weight 8 ounces
Color Gray
# of Devices 8
Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and Z-Wave, and includes IR blaster No
Controls TV, cable boxes, Direct TV, sound bars, and music systems All major brands
Controls smart lights No
Controls smart thermostats No
Controls entertainment products like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Yes
Controls newer video game consoles [Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One] Yes
No of devices supported 270,000 and growing
Includes Hub No
Requires line of sight [LOS] to devices Yes
Full color touch screen No, Display only
Screen size and colors 1.5 inch (diagonal), 65,000 color screen, 128 x 128 pixels
One-touch activities (Watch Movie, Play Game, Listen to Music) to switch all devices to right settings Yes
Compatible with Amazon Alexa No
Compatible with Google Home No
Backlit physical buttons Yes, below LCD
Companion Smartphone App No
Battery Type 2 AA [included]
Charging Station No
Battery Life Varies depending on use
Setup Via Computer USB connection to remot

Device Compatibility

To check if a specific device is compatible with Harmony 650, visit Logitech’s Device Compatibility Database.

Model Numbers

Harmony Remote: 915-000259


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Product Overview Video

Thanks to TechoDad for the helpful video review.

Harmony 650 User Manual

You can find links to all Harmony manuals at this blog post I wrote over here.

Harmony 650 Specifications: About This Chart

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