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Can Logitech Harmony Control Apple TV? [2024 Update]

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In this article, I will address the question of whether Logitech Harmony can control Apple TV (4K and otherwise).

Can Harmony Control Apple TV?

For Apple TV fans a universal remote control that would allow you to combine ATV with other entertainment devices would make the overall experience better.

And there is no bigger manufacturer of universal remotes out there than Logitech.  The company’s Harmony line of remotes is at the forefront of helping consumers control both home entertainment and smart home devices alike.

But can Logitech Harmony control Apple TV?

According to Logitech, the answer to this question is YES. The company has also confirmed that all models of Apple TV are compatible with all Harmony universal remotes. However, the setup process differs for Harmony’s family of Hub-based remotes vs Harmony infrared (IR) remotes.

logitech harmony control apple tv 4k

You can read our explanation about the various types of remotes here if you are interested.

But if you don’t want to figure all that out, we’ve made it easy to control Apple TV with your Harmony Remote. Just follow the appropriate guide for the model of remote you own from the table below.

Harmony IR vs Hub Based Remotes

Logitech manufactures and supports two types of Harmony remotes: Hub-based remotes and Infrared [IR] remotes.

Hub Remotes

Hub-based remotes work with a Harmony Hub and control your devices using a Wi-fi or Bluetooth Signal. All Harmony Hub-based remotes can be used to control your smart home devices (e.g., smart lights, thermostats, blinds, other hubs, etc.) as well as the devices in your entertainment center.  Harmony Hub-based products are also compatible with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The now-discontinued Harmony Express operates in a similar manner to the hub-based remotes, but since it uses Logitech’s new blaster hardware instead of a Hub, the ATV setup process is different.

IR Remotes

IR remotes do not require the Harmony Hub and control your IR-based devices using an infrared signal. They do not support Wi-fi or Bluetooth smart home devices or Alexa /Google Home. IR-based remotes can like control most devices in your entertainment center, however. They will typically require line of site [LoS] to these devices, meaning performance will degrade significantly when trying to control devices behind closed cabinets or in other rooms.

Logitech Harmony Products By Type

You can see a breakdown of all Harmony remotes by type [Hub or IR] on our partner site here.

If you are interested, you can also read a more detailed comparison that explains the differences between Hub and IR remotes on Logitech’s website.

How to Connect Harmony To Apple TV

Look for your remote in the table below. Once on Logitech’s site just click on the image for the type of remote you own to see how you control your Apple TV with Harmony.

If You Own This Remote It Is Of This Type Follow This Procedure to Connect Apple TV
Harmony Elite Hub See This Guide
Harmony Companion Hub See This Guide
Harmony Smart Control Hub See This Guide
Harmony Hub Hub See This Guide
Harmony Ultimate Home Hub/IR* See This Guide
Harmony 950 Advanced Infrared See This Guide
Harmony 650 Infrared See This Guide
Harmony 350 Infrared See This Guide

Tips to Control Apple TV with a Harmony Remote

logitech harmony control apple tv 4k

Tip #1: Customizing Button Mapping on Harmony Remotes

For Harmony remotes like the Elite or Companion, you can tailor the physical button mappings for a better Apple TV experience. Access the Harmony support website for guidance on assigning specific functions to the buttons, creating a remote layout that suits your preferences and usage patterns.

Tip #2: Disable HDMI CEC on IR Remotes for Smooth Apple TV Control

Ensure seamless control of your Apple TV with an IR-based Harmony remote by disabling the HDMI CEC feature, which can interfere with remote commands. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Control TVs and Receivers and switch the HDMI CEC option to ‘Off’.

Tip #3: Enhance Harmony Hub Experience with Apple TV

If you use the Harmony Hub, optimizing it for Apple TV control can significantly improve your experience. Enable voice and text entry on Apple TV to allow easy text input from your smartphone through the Harmony app. Pair your Apple TV with the Harmony Hub by following the pairing instructions in the Harmony mobile app.

Tip #4: Addressing Apple TV Power Management with Harmony Devices

Encounter issues with powering down or rebooting Apple TV using Harmony devices? It’s advisable to consult Harmony’s support resources and community forums. While these issues are not universally confirmed, you might find effective solutions and helpful tips from both official sources and user experiences. This Harmony thread on the Reddit r/appletv forum is a good place to start.

Can Harmony Control Apple TV: Your Turn

In conclusion, after an in-depth exploration, it’s evident that Harmony offers a sophisticated and seamless way to control your Apple TV. The integration goes beyond basic functionality, providing a smart, user-friendly experience that enhances your interaction with your media setup.

Whether you’re navigating through your favorite shows, adjusting settings, or exploring new content, Harmony’s compatibility with Apple TV ensures a smoother, more intuitive control.

This synergy between devices epitomizes the advancement in home entertainment technology, offering a glimpse into a future where all our devices work together in perfect harmony.

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